Sleep Apnea

A sleep disorder that is serious and more common than most people might imagine is known as sleep apnea. It causes disruptions in breathing during sleep. When the airway becomes blocked repeatedly throughout the night, air that reaches the lungs is limited.

Tissue Near The Back Of The Throat Repeatedly Collapsing

In more extreme cases of sleep apnea disruptions can happen even hundreds of times throughout the night. This temporary pause in breathing while sleeping is usually the result of tissue near the back of the throat that repeatedly collapses. As one falls asleep upper airway muscles relax causing the event to occur. In other words, when airways become narrowed the amount of air reaching lungs is reduced. This is the very core of what results in traditional snoring. Simply stated, tissue at the back of the throat vibrates as an individual breathes while sleeping. Sleep apnea becomes a problem because those with the condition wake up feeling tired even after sleeping a full night.

There Is Treatment For This Type Of Sleeping Condition

This results in feelings of fatigue and lack of concentration and even falling asleep during the day. In addition, a lack of oxygen throughout the night may result in everything from stroke to depression or heart disease as well as high blood pressure and even diabetes. The good news is that there is treatment for this type of sleeping condition. Obstructive sleep apnea can be tested for and remedies can be prescribed. From surgery to in-home oral appliance therapy, there are many options available today to those with sleep apnea. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental today for information on more effectively dealing with sleep apnea.

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