Procedure For Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontists are the dental specialists who straighten your teeth or correct the alignment. Orthodontic treatment is needed when your dentist thinks that your teeth need to be re-aligned. The orthodontist will carry out the following procedure:


First and foremost, you will have an in-depth consultation with your orthodontist. If you have a previous X-ray of your teeth then bring them along. The orthodontist will evaluate your mouth and make a treatment plan.


The first step of the procedure is to visit your teeth and make them clean professionally. If you have faced oral problems, e.g., periodontal problems or tooth extraction, fix them before getting braces.

First Visit

First, an X-ray of your teeth and the individual tooth will be taken. If there is a minimal gap between the teeth, then spacers will be used to prepare for braces. The next step is to make the mold which must be accurate. For this, the orthodontist will take an impression of the teeth. He may take a digital scan of your teeth.

Getting Braces

The most important thing before getting braces is to brush and floss your teeth. The appointment may last for about two hours. The orthodontist will put a device in the mouth to keep the mouth dry and lock the tongue in place. Next, he will dry the teeth and apply a thick thing to prepare them for bonding. The braces will then be put out on your teeth using adhesive to place them throughout the treatment. The orthodontist will use a light to harden the adhesive and set the bond. Finally, the orthodontist will hold the braces with the help of ligature bands. However, if you choose to wear self-ligature braces, additional bands won’t be needed.

Follow Up Appointments

Once the orthodontist has given you braces, it will take up to 8-12 weeks for a follow-up appointment. These follow-up appointments are just for braces adjustments. The orthodontist will check the braces and swap the old bands and the old wire to give you a new set. The old wires need to be replaced, so visiting the orthodontist every four weeks is essential. It is normal to feel discomfort during the changing process, but it is temporary. If pain is not tolerable, talk to your doctor for relief suggestions.

Final Appointment

Congratulations! You are done with your orthodontic treatment. Now, you are ready for a new smile. Removing braces is a quick and more manageable process. The brackets can be removed easily, and the only trace of bonding material will be left. The orthodontist will detach the bonding material and will polish the enamel. After the braces are removed, your teeth will look shiny. The whole removal process takes about 15 minutes.

Discuss how to take care of your teeth afterward. It is important to keep brushing and flossing regularly. Now it is time to show your beautiful smile to the world!

Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, at Walnut Creek Dental to schedule your orthodontic treatment today!


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